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Republican who made up fake story about having sex with gay rentboy resigns

Todd Courser had tried to cover up affair with fellow state representative Cindy Gamrat who has been expelled

Republican who made up fake story about having sex with gay rentboy resigns
Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat both lost their jobs as Michigan lawmakers

Todd Courser, the Republican lawmaker who falsely claimed he was caught having sex with a gay rentboy in order to hide an alleged affair with a female politician, resigned from office on Friday (11 September).

He had allegedly been involved with Cindy Gamrat who was also a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and a fellow social conservative. Gambit was expelled on a 91-12 vote by her colleagues.

Courser resigned following two unsuccessful votes to expel him as well.

‘I felt is was the appropriate thing to do. I put everybody through a whole bunch, my family, constituents and the people in this room,’ Courser told the Detroit Free Press. ‘You go 14-15 hours later, they would have been doing a third vote. I felt they were just going to go until they got their answer.

‘It’s an unfortunate chapter where we’re at, but it’s time to turn a page and go in a different direction and obviously heal, in my own house and in this body as well,’ he also said. ‘It’s been hell.’

The two first-term legislators, both married to other people and raising several children, had invoked their Christian faith on such issues as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Courser thought spreading a fabricated story via email about him having sex with a male prostitute would pale in comparison to the real scandal.

He allegedly fired an aide who refused to go along with his cover-up plan. The aide had recorded a meeting during which Causer detailed his plan to send an email to supporters with the rentboy story.

Despite many people calling for him to resign, he had refused.

Courser and Gamrat had an unusual arrangement in that they have joint House office operations and share some staff members. They had run together unsuccessfully in 2013 as chairman and vice chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.

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