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Republicans accept platform that has strong anti-gay marriage plank

Republicans accept platform that has strong anti-gay marriage plank

Before Ann Romney went primetime to explain why her husband deserved to be president of the US,  the Republicans had some business to do. It was nothing spectacular. When Democrats meet next week, they will do the same. Yesterday afternoon, the Grand Old Party (GOP) approved its party platform.

Called ‘We Believe in America,’ the 54 page document is the party’s official stand on issues of the day. When it comes to gay marriage, the party’s position is clear: it will do everything to make sure LGBT couples have no legal recognition.

In a section called ‘A Sacred Contract: Defense of Marriage’ the GOP takes President Barack Obama to task for not defending the Defense of Marriage Act. Known as DOMA, the law prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, even in states where such unions are legal. Couples cannot file joint federal tax returns or receive survivor benefits.

The party seeks an amendment banning gay unions outright, and heaps praise on anti-marriage equality advocates.

‘We reaffirm our support for a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We applaud the citizens of the majority of States which have enshrined in their constitutions the traditional concept of marriage, and we support the campaigns underway in several other States to do so.’

Later on, there is a charge that ‘advocates of traditional marriage’ are under attack from ‘hate campaigns, threats of violence, and vandalism by proponents of same-sex marriage.’ There is a ‘call for a federal investigation into attempts to deny religious believers their civil rights.’

The language of the platform mirrors a National Organization for Marriage pledge. In the document, the well known anti-gay marriage organization demanded for a country wide ban of gay marriage and a presidential commission to ‘investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters’. Once Mitt Romney, an early pledge signatory, became the unofficial Republican nominee NOM  gave him its support.

‘We are proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President,’ NOM’s president Brian Brown said in a statement. ‘Governor Romney was an early signer of NOM’s presidential pledge which represents his commitment to the nation to take specific actions as president to preserve and protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman.’