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Republicans think CNN tried to blackmail a ‘gay 15-year-old’ over Trump wrestling gif

Republicans think CNN tried to blackmail a ‘gay 15-year-old’ over Trump wrestling gif

Trump addresses Liberty University in January 2016

Some Republicans believe CNN tried to blackmail a ‘gay 15-year-old’ over a wrestling Donald Trump gif.

But it turns out it’s them who are sharing ‘fake news’, as the guy is married to a woman and in his 30s.

The US president tweeted a gif that showed Trump tackling CNN.

Originally from Reddit, HanAssholeSolo took credit for inspiring the tweet. It showed Trump tackling a wrestler with CNN’s logo imposed on his face.

When CNN identified the man behind HanAssholeSolo, they exposed racist, homphobic and anti-Semitic posts on the website.

In the interview, CNN claimed HanAssholeSolo sounded nervous about his identity being revealed and asked to not be named out of fear for his personal safety and for the public embarrassment it would bring to him and his family.

The Reddit user issued a long apology, which many online claimed was ‘extorted’ out of him in exchange for not being outed.

‘I am in no way this kind of person, I love and accept people of all walks of life and have done so for my entire life,’ he wrote.

‘I am not the person that the media portrays me to be in real life, I was trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on reddit and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts.

‘I would never support any kind of violence or actions against others simply for what they believe in, their religion, or the lifestyle they choose to have. Nor would I carry out any violence against anyone based upon that or support anyone who did.’

CNN stated they would not publish his name as ‘he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again.’

They added: ‘CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.’

On 4chan and Reddit, word quickly spread that CNN was attempting to out a ‘gay 15-year-old’.

This lie was perpetrated by Patricia Heaton, star of The Middle, as well as many people online spread the ‘fake news’.


However, if you search through his now-deleted Reddit history, HanAssholeSolo is not close to 15.

Who is spreading fake news? CNN or Reddit?

He mentions being married, living in Tennessee and finishing a doctorate. The average age of finishing a doctorate is 33. He also said he was a teenager when the Hubble telescope was launched in 1990.

After Trump tweeted the video, the Reddit user said he was ‘honored’.

‘Holy shit!! I wake up and have my morning coffee and who retweets my shitpost but the MAGA EMPORER himself!!! I am honored!!’

When asked by CNN about his usage of racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic language, he responded: ‘I love people of all races, creeds and origins.

‘One of my best friends is a homosexual and one of my best friends is Jewish and one of my best friends is Muslim.’