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Researchers discover links between biology and bottoming for gay men

Researchers discover links between biology and bottoming for gay men

Researchers discover biological link to bottoming

Researchers believe they have discovered specific biological markers for gay men adopting preferred sexual positions.

In other words, gay men might be predisposed to being a bottom or a top.

For example, bottoms can exhibit indicators such as having older brothers, being left-handed or not conforming to gender norms from an early age.

Researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga believe ‘non-right handedness’ is a major biological factor.

The study states: ‘Among gay men, variation in gender nonconformity appears to correspond with variation in anal sex role behavior.

‘Specifically, gay men with an insertive anal sex role (i.e., tops) scored higher on masculine personality traits compared to males with a receptive (i.e., bottom) anal sex role preference.

‘Conversely, bottoms scored higher on feminine personality traits compared to tops.

‘[S]elf-identified tops rated themselves as more masculine compared to bottoms… and tops were more likely to score higher on male-typical cognitive styles while bottoms were higher on female-typical cognitive styles,’ the research indicated.

Gay Star News interviews Austin Wilde
Gay Star News interviews Austin Wilde

Further evidence for gay men and anal sex roles

A similar research paper released in January this year believes it is a combination of learnt and biological factors.

It found that ‘sexual position self-label was learned over a 15-year time-span.’

New York Medical College’s David A. Moskowitz said: ‘Put simply, the more good or bad sexual experiences, over time, lead people to a role.

‘I specifically conducted [the] study to try to prove that anal penetrative role was far more innate than ever thought.

‘[I] ardently believe that biology plays a vital role in predisposing individuals towards more of a bottom or top orientation,’ he told Jezebel.