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Reverend drowns out anti-gay preacher with passionate speech about love

Reverend drowns out anti-gay preacher with passionate speech about love

Reverend Kate Bottley

An inclusive reverend interrupted an anti-gay preacher at Pride in London on Saturday (6 July) to spread a message of love.

Reverend Kate Bottley marched alongside her daughter with faith group Christians at Pride over the weekend. But after the parade, she noticed an anti-gay preacher on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

‘I decided I wasn’t having any of it,’ Reverend Kate exclusively told Gay Star News. ‘I said to my daughter “Wait there”, borrowed her Pride flag and stood in front of the hate preacher with the flag held high.’

In a video, Reverend Kate shouts over the preacher: ‘Jesus loves you!’

The crowd then erupts into cheers and applause.

The reverend then says in the video: ‘God loves all her children! Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah?

‘Jesus loves you!’ she then repeated. ‘Jesus has nothing to say about homosexuality but everything to say about love. God is love!’

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Reverend Kate Bottley: ‘Jesus talked a lot about love’

Reverend Kate revealed after she made the affirmations to the crowd, she turned around to confront the anti-gay preacher.

‘When I turned around, the bloke had gone,’ she explained to GSN. ‘[It was a] shame really, because I would have loved to have had a discussion with him and to have helped him on his way to understanding what love is all about.’

She then added: ‘For too long, the bible has been used to justify hate and homophobia, when the tiny obscure passages that are used in the same bits of scripture that are about not eating prawns and slavery being ok.

‘Jesus talked a lot about love.

‘By being at Pride, I’m hoping — along with other faith groups — to show that not everyone who is part of faith is bigoted,’ she said.

Reverend Kate then had one simple message to anti-gay preachers who try to use Jesus’ name to spread hate.

‘To all hate preachers,’ she said. ‘I’d urge them to look again at their theology because bad theology damaged lives and society.’

She then added: ‘Radical inclusion and generous love will change the church and the world and it can’t come soon enough.’

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