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REVIEW: Blanch House in Brighton, UK: ‘A blissful boutique experience’

REVIEW: Blanch House in Brighton, UK: ‘A blissful boutique experience’

How does Blanch House work as a hotel experience? | Photo: Blanch House, Brighton

Review: Blanch House in Brighton, UK

Hotels are all about serving you an experience that feels like home.

It’s not surprising that some boutique hotels are a choice for many travelers. Blanch House, a three-star on the Brighton coast, is a blissful boutique experience.

Every room is designed differently for individual tastes.

I stayed at the Pommery room, the top room in the hotel.

Location: 5/5 ★★

You cannot get closer to the beach without being on the seafront.

The hotel is around a 10 minute walk to Brighton Pier and a further 5 minutes on top of that to get to the shopping district of The Lanes.

Because the room is high enough in the Victorian era building, you can still see water if you wish.

Plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs in walking distance.

LGBTI life: 5/5 ★★★

Blanch House is in perfect walking distance of many of the gay bars on the seafront.

Be sure to check out Revenge for clubbing and Charles Street Tap for a more chilled out vibe with lots of craft beer.

It’s Brighton, so it’s one of the most LGBTI-friendly places on the planet.

You will likely see many, many same-sex couples freely walking hand-in-hand.

Room: 4/5 ★★★★

The room is based on one of the most prestigious champagne houses, Pommery.

Mixes rich gold tones with modern furnishings, the room is a very comfortable stay.

The super king bed was a dream to sleep in and the room has all the usual amenities.

My only real criticism is the shower (overhead a bath) can be a little awkward to use if you’re tall. The shower built into the slanted roof so you may need to duck to wash your hair. A very small criticism for a beautiful room.

Service and Amenities: 5/5 ★★★★

Staff members are busy! From what I can tell one person is responsible for bookings, making cocktails behind the bar, the concierge desk and serving breakfast.

But because it’s a relatively small hotel, every staff member I met had a smile on their face and a readiness to do their jobs at an expert level.

Breakfast: 5/5 

When you’re feeling a little hungover (as to be expected after a night in Brighton), Blanch House has you covered.

Homemade pancakes and back bacon with lashings of maple syrup warmed my belly in the morning.

My partner, Ed, had the full English breakfast. He said the black pudding and the homemade sausage was perfect.

Ranking of Blanch House, Brighton: 5/5 

Find out more, including prices, on Blanch House’s website