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Let’s review the queens from the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 premiere

Let’s review the queens from the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 premiere

Derrick Barry poses for her life in Drag Race premiere

Top Queens

Kim Chi


Donut come for this queen. As soon as Kim Chi walked in, you could see other queens going,’ Oh, ok, I might not be winning this season.’

Adorable from the get go, with a litany of puns, she stole the camera time.

For the maxi-challenge, where the queens had to take on a design challenge from a previous season, Kim Chi slayed the hair challenge from season three. Showing off her makeup skills, where she completely changed her face so it was incredibly cat-like, she can go far. It’s no surprise she took home the first challenge win.


Acid Betty


Playing the bitch on Drag Race is a guarantee of camera time and longevity in the competition. If Phi Phi O’Hara had been sweetness and light in season 4, there would have been no way she would have made top three.

And Acid Betty, a veteran of the New York drag scene, is happy to do it. There is a wink there, a slight smile to the camera, so who knows whether she’s going to show us her heart of gold down the line?

Derrick Barry


The queens’ mini challenge was to pose for a photograph with all the previous winners of Drag Race (minus Bianca Del Rio, plus circus clown). Derrick Barry might have played it safe on the challenges, but this photo proves that she’s a star. Among Drag Race royalty, she looks like she fits in.

Naomi Smalls


Naomi Smalls was another one who’s photo rose her to the top of the queens. She took a risk with going for 70s era supermodel and keeping her boy chest. Starstruck by a lot of the more experienced queens, she’s going to have to keep on going big or face sinking to the bottom.

Safe Queens

Bob The Drag Queen


There was a lot of expectation going in with Bob, with many expecting her to steal it from the off. But she ended up in the middle, with a safe take on the Gone With The Window challenge and not necessarily standing out as much as she could. But still, she has charisma for days and there’s a lot of comedy challenges coming up.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine


I was surprised Cynthia didn’t land near the bottom with her poorly constructed corset (a piece of cardboard with sweets on top of it) and a skirt pinched in at the crotch, it looked cheap and would in no way stand next to the other queens who did the same challenge in season 5. But her personality, a mix of Tammie Brown and Yara Sofia, made her instantly lovable.

Dax ExclamationPoint


Cosplay has not been seen on Drag Race before, likely because of copyright issues. But it is a big way of how many nerdy queens start their career, so it is awesome to see it displayed on season 8. She struggled to stand out among the 12 queens. Is it because she’s too nice, or is she worried about throwing a thunderbolt and start drama too soon? Promising, but perhaps too early to tell.

Chi Chi DeVayne


Look at that corset made out of a trash bag. How exquisite is the detailing on that? A cheap, resourceful queen, Chi Chi is resourceful, warm and adaptable. Those three qualities have taken queens very far in the competition, but her drive and drama skills may be put to the test.

Thorgy Thor


An early bet for Miss Congeniality if she doesn’t end up winning the whole thing. There’s nothing to hate about Thorgy, effortless breezing through both challenges. Exuberant and funny, it will be very surprising if she doesn’t make top 5.

Bottom Queens

Robbie Turner


More sourpuss than poodle, Robbie Turner scowled her way through the first episode. Unlike Acid Betty, Robbie tried to play the bitch card and came off bitter. However, she did open up and show her vulnerable side in Untucked. During the mini-challenge, fellow Seattle queen Jinkx Monsoon asked: ‘Who’s the Beyoncé here?’ Robbie is going to have to do a lot of work to prove Jinkx wrong.

Laila McQueen


Perhaps an unfair choice for bottom two, Laila McQueen served up a beautiful post-apocalyptic look with a charred, spiky jacket and an awesome goth look. But admittedly her photo for the mini-challenge did look awkward, uncomfortable and not suiting a Drag Race contestant. Her fire during the lip sync, to Lady Gaga’s Applause, should hopefully keep her burning through the competition.

Naysha Lopez


Oh lovely, who goes onto RuPaul’s Drag Race without knowing how to sew? Her dress, a toga with a chunky corset keeping it together, wasn’t good enough. And not knowing the words to a Gaga song is pretty unforgivable. However, it says something about the cast this season that her sashaying away still feels like a loss. Naysha took extremely well to being the first one going home. Beautiful queen, but unprepared.

10 Best Quotes

Kim Chi: ‘I came to chop suey the competition!’

Bob: ‘Is Beyonce scared of Britney? Then Bob ain’t scared of Derrick.’

Sharon Needles: ‘Not really a god, but close enough.’

Mathu Anderson: ‘She’s like the Hamburglar scurrying about behind you.’

Dax: ‘Anything a 12-year-old Asian girl wants, I want it more.’

Bob: ‘This purse is hideous but I’m using it.’ Kim: ‘I think it goes with the look, though.’

Bob: ‘I started out as a Pride queen. I think you either start out as a Halloween queen or a Pride queen.’ Laila: ‘Was this this Pride?’

RuPaul: ‘Are you a good witch or a bad witch?’ Nicole: ‘Or a sandwich!’

Michelle: ‘Yeti That Walk!’

Cynthia: ‘Derrick needs to go out of her comfort zone.’ Chi Chi: ‘And do Christina.’