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REVIEW: Thamesjet, Canary Wharf, London

REVIEW: Thamesjet, Canary Wharf, London

Just one of the famous sights you'll see on this cruise with a difference

Last month we reviewed City Cruises’ wonderful London Showboat Dinner – where visitors and locals alike can absorb London’s blockbuster skyline over a music, candlelight, and an excellent three course meal with drinks.

The Thamesjet, the company’s nifty brother brand, couldn’t be more different – what’s more, we certainly wouldn’t recommend boarding it with a full stomach if you can help it.

It’s divided into two sub-rides – the Thamesrush, which travels to Canary Wharf and back in 50 minutes, and the Thamesmax, which races all the way to the Thames Barrier in 75 minutes. We opted for the former on a clear, bright, sunny day (albeit we inevitably still got wet – waterproofs and lifejackets are provided), and the experience was unforgettably adrenaline-pumping.

Sharing the boat with a small group, the thrills start almost immediately as you race past Portcullis House, beyond the London Eye, underneath Tower Bridge and beyond. Speeds vary without warning and can reach highs of 40mph, the boat swerves this way and stomach flips are standard.

It’s not a ride for the faint-hearted – this is a thrill ride in the truest sense of the word, and there are no seat belts. That said, the fear of actually falling into the Thames’ murky waters dissipates in a matter of minutes.

In fact, by the end of our 50 minutes were mildly disappointed we didn’t – thus we didn’t get to channel that famous scene in ‘Spiceworld: the Movie’ where a soaked Victoria née Adams rebuts Mel B’s offer of dry clothes with a pithy: ‘I’m not that desperate, thank you!’ Says it all, really.

The Thamesjet does share one similarity with the Showboat, though: the best part of it is the uncanny sensation of seeing so many of London’s most iconic landmarks from a different angle (albeit only briefly as you whizz by).

We were also impressed with the staff on board, who were knowledgable and professional while being full of energy and humor; they did a great job of putting nervous guests at ease.

My guest also left her mobile phone behind in her waterproof: one vigilant employee kept it safe and splash-free until her return.

Check out the Thamesjet if you’re looking for a unique date idea, or a hen, stag, sten or hag activity that’s outside the box.

For more information about City Cruises and Thamesjet, click here.