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REVIEW: The Toren, Amsterdam

REVIEW: The Toren, Amsterdam

The Toren, Amsterdam – like staying in the world’s most decadent and over the top chocolate box

What do you expect when staying in The Toren, Amsterdam – a hotel voted the best in all of city by over 2,000 people on TripAdvisor?

Staying in The Toren is like being wrapped up in the world’s most decadent and over the top chocolate box, and your time there will be as pleasurable as biting in to one of its delicious contents.

As with many of the secretive doorways and hidden canal houses huddled up together along the banks of Amsterdam’s famous canals, The Toren is so much more than meets the eye when you first arrive.


At a glance, as you approach the shadowy exterior, the building is fairly understated (so unimposing in fact that on more than one occasion I walked straight past the front door) however what the Toren lacks in a grand or stately exterior it more than makes up for once you have stepped inside.

The sumptuous décor of the entrance hall and reception, where everything you touch is velvet and there are feathers, pearls and sparkling embellishments in abundance, is only a taste for what is to come.

The lavish bar area, complete with an all-knowing, well heeled mixologist, is the jewel of this boutique hotel’s crown, and is the reason why the excuse ‘I suppose one more wouldn’t hurt…’ was created.


The welcoming, family-owned establishment is actually spread across two old canal houses where the 38 lavishly furnished rooms, which would be better described as boutique boudoirs, can be found.

Although each of the romantic hideaways is in keeping with the hotel’s opulent and ornate design aesthetic, each one has its own character and charm, meaning there’s a perfect space to suit whatever your needs (and price range) may be.

From the intimate ‘Cozy Rooms’ to the regal ‘Top Rooms’, a stay in any one of the hotel’s unique boudoirs is sure to result in a very special stay indeed.

With feather soft beds, strawberries and chocolate placed alluringly near by, and a bottle of bubbly on ice awaiting you on your arrival, it’s like The Toren wrote the recipe book for movie-inspired romance – and that’s not even taking into consideration the ‘Spa Whirlpool baths’ that can be found in some of the ‘Top Rooms’.

Above all else, what really leaves a lasting impression after a stay in this sumptuous and sensual hotel, are the charming and attentive staff. No request is too much for the knowledgeable and courteous team. Everyone is so welcoming that you’ll always feel like you’re coming home when you walk through the door (even if your actual home is feather and velvet free, and the closest you’ll ever get to an in-room Jacuzzi is dragging a paddling pool inside).

There is so much more that could be said about this little gem in Amsterdam’s over crowded hotel scene, but I don’t want to ruin anymore of the surprises for you.

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