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Revised Vatican report tones down supportive language on gays and lesbians

Revised Vatican report tones down supportive language on gays and lesbians

The Vatican press office has released a new English translation of a report on how the Catholic Church should approach gays and lesbians and people in same-sex marriages which tones down the original supportive language.

The version of the report released on Monday spoke of ‘welcoming homosexual persons’ and providing them a ‘fraternal space.’

It also stated that people in same-sex relationships provided ‘precious support’ for each other.

However a new English language version of the report issued yesterday instead speaks of ‘providing for homosexual persons,’ and ‘fellowship’ instead of ‘fraternal space.’

The new version also replaces ‘precious support’ with ‘valuable support.’

The original English version of the text was widely condemned by leading conservative Catholics as a departure from the church’s teachings.

Vatican spokesperson Frederico Lombardi told a press conference on Thursday that the updated language had been provided by the group of bishops who are working on the document in English but the Italian version was still the definitive text.

‘We have said always that the text to refer to is the Italian,’ he said Thursday.

The section on the document regarding homosexuality appears to be the only section to have been given an updated translation.

However some Italian speakers have questioned the accuracy of this new translation into English.

Religious scholar and historian Massimo Faggioli pointed out that the original document still uses the word ‘accogliere,’ which means ‘welcoming,’ not ‘providing for.’

‘I am Italian and that is not a translation. It is a falsification,’ Faggioli tweeted after seeing the new English version of the document.

It is believed that many bishops would like to see further changes to the language in the document before it is finalized on Sunday.

The bishops are meeting in Rome as part of an extraordinary meeting of church leaders called by Pope Francis I to consider the Catholic Church’s official approach to a variety of social issues relating to sexuality, reproduction and the family.