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Rex Lee on some of the perks of TV fame

Rex Lee on some of the perks of TV fame

On the ABC comedy Suburgatory, Rex Lee’s character of Mr. Wolfe suffered a romantic setback when his boyfriend, Chef Alan, cheated on him.

Off screen, the openly gay actor who found fame playing Jeremy Piven’s long-suffering assistant Lloyd on Entourage, has had similar bad luck in the romance department.

‘I’m still single, but I’m a little more hopeful than I used to be,’ he says in the current issue of The Advocate.

But being single doesn’t mean he’s staying home every night.

Lee says: ‘I’m just going to be very honest about this. Even though I’m not really dating anyone and I haven’t found love, looking back on the last eight years of my life, I can say some of the sex that I’ve had that didn’t lead to love, in hindsight, I can say, "Wow, that person was really attracted to me because I’m on television." And that’s a really weird piece of information to have after the fact.’

It’s led to a little bit of self-examination.

‘It makes me wonder, Oh, if I had known this ahead of time, would I still have gone ahead and had that sexual encounter?’ Lee says. ‘And the truth of the matter is, sometimes the answer is yes. I would have gone ahead.’

After all, he is a single guy living in LA with a certain level of fame.

‘Sometimes I just want companionship of some kind,’ he admits. ‘And sometimes sex will do. It does nicely. I have to accept that it’s part of my life and behave accordingly.’