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Rex Lee's Suburgatory character to square off against boyfriend's ex-wife

I don't know if there will be cats fights with hair pulling but, you know, one can dream'

Rex Lee's Suburgatory character to square off against boyfriend's ex-wife

Rex Lee is just about to start working on episodes for the second season of the ABC comedy Suburgatory and he tells Gay Star News he is ready for action.

His character of Mr. Wolfe, a gay teacher who came out to the entire student body in a first second episode, is dating school employee Chef Allen who has some baggage from the past that tne couple will have to deal with – an ex-wife!

Explains Lee: ‘Last season Chef Allen referred to his ex-wife, Laura. So this coming season – I don’t know why they are going to cast – somebody is going to be his ex-wife and there’s going to be a little bit of a war. I’m very excited.’

Can we expect some epic confrontations in the vein of Alexis and Krystal on Dynasty in the 80s?

‘I don’t know if there will be cats fights with hair pulling,’ Lee says. ‘But, you know, one can dream.’

Suburgatory came along just as Rex finished a six-year run on HBO’s Entourage where he played Ari Gold’s assistant Lloyd, also a gay character.

Lee, who is also openly gay, is happy to see his Suburgatory character in a relationship.

‘I think it’s awesome because it’s not easy for anybody to be in a relationship – I’m speaking from years of being single when I say that – I feel like way in the past there was a tradition of gay characters hating the fact that they were gay and killing themselves or having problems with their personality. Or they were always the killer or whatever,’ he says. ‘So I think any time you see healthy gay people in healthy relationships, it’s a good thing.’

Lee’s Suburgatory co-star, Jeremy Sisto, is a fan of the Mr. Wolfe-Chef Allen storyline.

"I think Rex is great and the character is good,’ Sisto tells Gay Star News. ‘I like that he has a relationship and they are dealing with just straight ahead relationship stuff. One person’s more needy and wants more connection, the other doesn’t. I think storytelling today can be interchangeable whether you have two men, two women, a man and a woman.’ 

So, would Lee be interested in playing a straight character sometime?

‘Sure, why not? I’m not opposed to it,’ Lee says. ‘I’m not really clear on if people in this town want me to play a straight character but if they ask me to, I will surely do it.’

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