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You won’t believe how many kids Ricky Martin just said he wants

You won’t believe how many kids Ricky Martin just said he wants

Jwan Yosef and Ricky Martin at the Golden Globes last night

Father-of-two Ricky Martin has revealed he wants four more sets of twins.

The star was speaking on the Golden Globes red carpet in LA last night, which he attended with his artist fiance Jwan Yosef.

‘Love and light to Tino and Teo!’

Giving a shout out to the two nine-year-old boys Valentino and Matteo, the Private Emotion singer called them by his nicknames for them and said: ‘They are incredible. They might be looking and watching. Love and light to Tino and Teo!’

Pressed by E! News as to whether he wants more kids, the music icon added: ‘I want four more pairs of twins!’

The star furthermore added: ‘I would love to have a big family. Yes, I do want a big family, but there’s a lot going on at the moment with a lot of work, wedding, it’s a lot going on. So we’re going to put things in order first and then we’re going to get ready for many more kids.’

Ricky is one of the world’s most successful singers, known for hits such as She Bangs and Livin’ La Vida Loca.

After years of rumors about his sexuality, he came out in an emotional statement on his website in 2010.

He will soon be starring in Ryan Murphy’s Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ about the murder of the fashion mogul. The Puerto Rican has also been busying himself raising $5 million (£3.69m, €4.17m) in relief aid following the devastating hurricanes on his home island.

Ricky [far right], Jwan [second left] and Ricky’s sons Matteo and Valentino