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Ricky Martin talks about gay marriage debate

'I wish people understood that love manifests in different ways'

Ricky Martin talks about gay marriage debate

Ricky Martin, a sensation on Glee last week and preparing to star on Broadway in Evita, is not planning to add getting married to his busy schedule any time soon.

He has been in a relationship with Carlos Gonzalez Abella for more than four years but the Puerto Rican star says he did not recently apply for Spanish citizenship so he and Abella could be wed in that country.

'Everybody is asking me when I’m going to get married,' Martin tells Details Magazine. 'People that I don’t know are pushing it. But it’s not something that we’re talking about.'

But that does not mean Martin does not feel quite strongly about marriage equality.

'I don't want to blame the government,' he says. 'I think there’s a stolen faith –- an interpretation of what God 'says.' That's your God — I have my God. It’s about civil rights.'

He thinks society would be better off if people would respect each other's differences.

'I'm not telling you what to believe,' Martin says. 'I wish people understood that love manifests in different ways. Allow me to have my life and I won’t mess with yours.' That's when I struggle and get angry and punch the table. And then I talk. Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.'

After many years of speculation about his sexuality, the 40-year-old singer finally came out publicly nearly two years ago when he posted on his website that he is 'a fortunate homosexual man.'

Martin tells Details he is at peace with waiting so long to come out.

'You know, when I hear about a boy or girl that comes out when they're 15, I'm like, 'You're so lucky! Kudos.' I will give you a standing ovation. But there's nothing you can do about it. You have to go through yesterday to be who you are today.'

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