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Ricky Martin talks at the UN about ‘beautiful’ experience of coming out

Ricky Martin talks at the UN about ‘beautiful’ experience of coming out

Puerto Rican popstar Ricky Martin has spoken about his ‘beautiful’ coming out experience while speaking at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Martin, who was at the UN to show his support for Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon’s statement criticizing countries with anti-gay laws, said:

‘For many years I lived on fear,’ he said. ‘I was living in fear because I was hating myself because I grew up listening to a very crooked concept: "You’re gay. You belong in hell."’

When he finally came out in 2010 Martin said it was ‘incredible’, ‘amazing’ and ‘beautiful’ and he wishes he could do it again.

‘I had to stop thinking about culture, traditions and started to think about my kids,’ said Martin who is father to four-year-old twin boys. ‘I did not want them to grow-up in my house living a lie’.

During his address Martin thanked Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon ‘for everything that you are doing’ and the activists at the event who included Human Rights Watch and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

Martin said the activists had ‘opened the doors of light to people like me and to families like mine. Thank you so much for what you’ve done. I’ve done nothing.’

Watch Ricky Martin speaking at the UN here: