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Ricky Martin: ‘Victims of homophobia’ kept me in the closet

Ricky Martin: ‘Victims of homophobia’ kept me in the closet

Ricky Martin holding up the peace sign in front of a rainbow backdrop

Ricky Martin shed some light on why he waited so long to publicly come out as gay.

In 2010 and at the age of 39, the She Bangs singer officially came out as gay after years of public speculation.

Talking on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night (17 January), he explained why it took so long: ‘My friend, you have no idea.

‘The thing is that I was surrounded by friends that were telling me, “Don’t! Don’t come out that will be the end of your career.”

Ricky Martin in concert
Ricky Martin in concert. | Photo: Chelita Linda / Flickr

‘It was people that love me, people that mean well and people that were just victims of homophobia.

‘You know, I grew up in this culture that told me that my feelings were horrible, that my feelings were evil. And if you add to that, you know, that I was like a heartthrob, like a sex symbol,’ he said.

‘I can’t take it anymore’

He continued: ‘But you know, that’s why everyone was telling me that it was going to be the end of my career.

‘It was extremely painful for me.

‘Until I said, “I can’t take it anymore. It’s all about me now. It’s not about what’s happening outside, it’s about what I need in order to be happy”,’ he said.

Ricky Martin recently confirmed he married long term partner Jwan Yosef.

The star told E! News: ‘We exchanged vows… we’ve signed all the papers that we needed to sign, prenups and everything.’

He furthermore added: ‘I’m a husband, but we’re doing a heavy party in a couple of months.’

Martin stars as Gianni Versace’s lover, Antonio D’Amico in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. The show premiered last night (17 January).

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