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Someone bought a hate group’s domain and turned it into a gay furry site

Someone bought a hate group’s domain and turned it into a gay furry site

Six illustrations of anthropomorphic wolves in suggestive positions
A man from Canada this week replaced a group’s anti-immigration site into a dating page for gay furry fans.

Brady Grumplet, from Edmonton, Canada, bought the domain of Alberta far-right group Wolves of Odin.

The site is now home to gay furries trying to ‘woo a mate’.

According to their since deleted Facebook page, Wolves of Odin protects Canada’s citizens from the ‘growing immigration crisis’.

‘Don’t fight hate with hate’

Wolves of Odin also made headlines last week when an offshoot of the group called The Clann and Canadian Infidels staked the grounds of an Edmonton mosque.

Grumplet turned the domain into a furry fanpage named after the animal in the group’s name following this.

He paid a tech-savvy friend to register a domain with Wolves of Odin’s name last Sunday, according to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.

Characters now on the site includes those such as White_Power_Bottom.

His bio reads: ‘Can’t wait to you [sic] fill me up like a twinkie.’

Meanwhile Bigger_Woofer’s said: ‘Love it when you mark your territory on my chest!’

Grumplet revealed the prank on reddit’s r/edmonton board and said: ‘All I ask from now on is that when you hear about the Wolves of Odin, you say “Aren’t they those furries?”

‘Don’t fight hate with hate,’ he added, ‘fight it with being ridiculous.’

‘Furries are the internet’s punching bag’

But not all responses to the prank have been positive.

Reddit user Kawauso89 said: ‘Self-deprecating as we furries are, someone making fun of a hate group by making them out to be “one of us” feelsbadman.’

‘I appreciate the joke and all, because fuck groups like this,’ but ‘the furry community really doesn’t need any more shit like that.

‘Furries have been the internet’s punching bag for decades.’

But user UsedToDonateBlood was more amused and said: ‘Some heroes wear suits. Some heroes wear fursuits.’

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