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Riverdale’s Kevin Keller is getting a boyfriend, says actor Casey Cott

Riverdale’s Kevin Keller is getting a boyfriend, says actor Casey Cott

Kevin Keller and Moose Mason's kiss in the season two finale of Riverdale (Photo: Riverdale / Netflix)

Following their passionate kiss in the season two finale of Riverdale, Kevin Keller and Moose Mason are finally getting together.

Season Three of Netflix’s Riverdale will see the two high school hunks embarking on a ‘complicated’ relationship.

Actor Casey Scott, who plays Kevin, confirmed the news in an interview with TVLine.

‘We are dating in season three, so it’s fun to start off with that and explore that with Moose,’ said Cott.

The relationship is set to be challenging for the pair due to Moose remaining in the closet, not to mention the recent death of his girlfriend Midge.

The season two finale saw the pair lock lips after Kevin comforts a distraught Moose in the bathroom of Riverdale High School. The kiss got tongues wagging across social media, after a lengthy buildup across seasons one and two.

Casey Cott: ‘It’s a complicated relationship’

Kevin and Mason hooked up in the first episode of the show. Moose, denying that he is gay, tells Kevin he will do anything sexually ‘but kiss’. Kevin responds that he loves a ‘good closet case’.

‘I [filmed] my first kissing scene of the season recently and it was in the hallway at school,’ Cott said of shooting the latest scenes. ‘He pushes me off because he’s still closeted, but it’s still a kiss. It’s a complicated relationship.’

The coupling of Kevin Keller and Moose Mason isn’t the only same-sex relationship on the show. Characters Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz are set to enjoy a blossoming lesbian relationship throughout season three as well.

Season Three of Riverdale debuts on Netflix 10th October. Check out the new trailer below.

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