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One of the world’s strongest men, Rob Kearney, marries boyfriend

One of the world’s strongest men, Rob Kearney, marries boyfriend

Rob Kearney and Joey Aleixo

Rob Kearney, one of the world’s strongest men, married his boyfriend over the weekend (17 March).

The gay professional strongman took to Instagram to post a beautiful wedding photo with his new husband Joey Aleixo on a beach in Melbourne, Australia.

‘So we did a thing,’ Kearney wrote in the caption of the photo. ‘We didn’t tell many people, but on March 17 2019 [Joey] and I got MARRIED!!’

He then added: ‘To call this man my husband is a dream come true and he is and always will be my soulmate. I am so excited to start this new journey as a married couple and my heart has never been so full of love.’


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Aleixo then posted a similar photo with the caption: ‘[Today] is a day that I will never forget. Today is the day that I OFFICIALLY MARRIED MY BEST-FRIEND!

‘[Rob] you will always have my heart and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us,’ he wrote.

Rob Kearney wins big

Rob Kearney and Joey Aleixo were in Melbourne for the Australian Arnold Sports Festival over the weekend.

Kearney won first place at the event, qualifying him for the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus next year.

He posted a photo of himself to instagram, alongside his boyfriend and former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

‘What an amazing weekend,’ he wrote in the caption to the photo. ‘Thank you [Arnold] for the kind words and support this weekend.’

He then personally thanked his new husband: ‘You are absolutely amazing and your help, love and support through this entire journey has been nothing short of amazing.’


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In May last year, news broke of the couple ending their relationship.

Kearney wrote on Facebook at the time: ‘Joey and I are no longer together. We have had our differences, I made a mistake and things came to a point where, right now, they can’t be fixed if we are together.

He then added: ‘We are taking this time to focus on ourselves, become better people and then hopefully rekindle our relationship.

‘We still love each other, he is still my best friend… but sometimes what’s best for a relationship in the long run, is some time apart,’ he said.

But it appears they clearly worked things out and are now stronger than ever.

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