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Robbers used Grindr to allegedly lure men to ‘house of horrors’ in Oklahoma

Robbers used Grindr to allegedly lure men to ‘house of horrors’ in Oklahoma

The house in Oklahoma

Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma released body cam footage of the place robbers lured men to via the dating app Grindr.

It’s being described as a ‘house of horrors’, according to local news station KFOR. They have the footage as well.

On the night of 8 September, police received calls from numerous men, all to the same area in the city.

According to reports, the victims showed up in 15-minute increments to the house. The robbers then allegedly held the victims at gunpoint and robbed them. Following that, the victims claimed they were forced to lie on trash-covered floors.

Body cam footage shows the messy nature of the property, with burnt walls and items throughout.

When one victim allegedly tried to escape, the robbers went after him and gave the other victims a chance to leave.

‘There was only one light in that garage,’ described Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department of the house.

‘A couple of victims actually described stepping over what they thought was trash and it turned out to be several of the other live victims who were lying on the floor.’

Bo Matthews, also of the city’s police department, said: ‘This is just another way for somebody that’s involved in crime to gain money instead of just going out and doing it legally, by getting a job.’

He also warned: ‘If you’re going to go on a dating website, obviously you want to meet somebody where there’s a lot of people involved.’

Police arrested 32-year-old Deaunte McPherson. They charged him with four counts of kidnapping and four counts of robbery with a firearm. They are still looking for more suspects.

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