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Robbie Rogers talks about opponent calling him ‘queer’

Robbie Rogers talks about opponent calling him ‘queer’

Robbie Rogers is the first openly gay man to play for a Major League Soccer team.

Football star Robbie Rogers used Instagram to recount a moment of bigotry on the field.

The LA Galaxy  left back returned to playing last night after ‘two months with an Achilles surgery.’ During the last 15 minutes of the game, an opponent called Rogers queer.

‘To be honest, my initial reaction was shock,’ the left back wrote. ‘This my fourth season back in the MLS, and I have yet to hear an opposing player use that, or any other gay slur, during a game.’

Rodgers confessed he was angry for not striking back physically. However, after a night of reflection, he remembered why he he practiced restraint.

‘…This morning, even most of the anger has faded and the predominant emotions left are just love and gratitude.’

Teammates and opposing players came up  and apologized for the player. Rogers adds he’s proud he works for a sports organization that is supportive.

Finally, he talks to athletes still in the closet.

‘I’m encouraging, as I did four years ago when I came out, all athletes to find the courage to come out.,,Only you know when and how it’s best for you to live and share your story; but each one of you that chooses to make this courageous step is not just vastly improving your own life but, literally, saving others.’

Below is Rogers’ Instagram post.



“Getting Some Shit Off My Chest: 4 years later”

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