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Soccer fans told Robbie Rogers to ‘shut up’ about being gay after coming out, says husband

Soccer fans told Robbie Rogers to ‘shut up’ about being gay after coming out, says husband

Robbie and Greg

Robbie Rogers was told to ‘shut up’ about being gay after coming out by hateful soccer fans, his husband has revealed.

Greg Berlanti also says critics told his other half he wouldn’t be playing for LA Galaxy if he was not so public about being gay, reports Variety.

Director extraordinaire Greg is the man behind this year’s Love, Simon. He and Robbie welcomed a son, Caleb, together last year via surrogate.

Greg was speaking at the 49th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards at the Beverly Hilton in LA last night.

He and Robbie were honoured at the ceremony, alongside Puerto Rican pop icon Ricky Martin.

The night included an auction to raise money for the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

‘He knew the power of representation’

Greg furthermore added: ‘The entire time Robbie was playing, through all of this, you should know, his reason for doing so never wavered.’

‘He wanted LGBT kids to have someone to watch that was like them,’ he said. ‘He knew the power of representation, because he didn’t have it when he was growing up, isolated and alone.’

Robbie also said while on stage: ‘Our safety and equality and basic liberties are under threat, now more than ever.’

‘There are others, many of them elected officials, who not only don’t want to see advancements for the disenfranchised,’ he said. ‘They want to take us back to a time when our story wasn’t even possible.’

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