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Robert Pattinson jokes he was caught in ‘gay dogging’ raid

Twilight star says he's homeless and lives in a trash can in a humorous interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Robert Pattinson jokes he was caught in ‘gay dogging’ raid

Twilight star Robert Pattinson came out of the dark and was full of laughter in a recent interview with US late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

While there was no mention of his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who cheated on him after four years, he joked about his favorite biking spot was actually a gay cruising and ‘dogging’ ground.

In the interview, aired Wednesday (22 August), he said: ‘I was going there for the last three months with my assistant cycling, wearing the little shorts with the pad in, and I didn’t know it was an infamous dogging spot.’

He thought: ‘Why are all these guys sitting around in their cars all the time? And I’m going there everyday kinda thinking nothing of it, coming out in my little Lycra pants, and one day there was a big raid.’

Pattinson explained ‘dogging’ is a British expression where people watch others have sex in cars.

After leaving the home he shared with Stewart, he also joked he was once again ‘homeless’. He said he currently lived in a big trash can behind a rented archway.

It was revealed this month Pattinson had been cast alongside Naomi Watts in Werner Herzog’s adaption of Gertrude Bell’s biopic film Queen of the Desert.

Watch the first part of the interview here:

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