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Actor Robert Sheehan: ‘I had a couple of experiences… with dudes’

Actor Robert Sheehan: ‘I had a couple of experiences… with dudes’

Robert Sheehan

Actor Robert Sheehan has opened up about previous same-sex sexual experiences.

The 31-year-old Irish actor is best known for playing Nathan Young in Misfits and more recently Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy.

Klaus is openly gay in the series.

Now, in a recent interview with Hot Press, straight actor Sheehan revealed he’s got more in common with Klaus than fans first thought.

He revealed: ‘I think it would be irresponsible not to question my sexuality.

‘I had a couple of experiences when I was younger with dudes where I tried it, experimented, to see if it did anything for me.

‘And it didn’t,’ he said.

Ellen Page in The Umbrella Academy
Ellen Page (seated, center) surrounded by her superpowered siblings | Photo: IMDB/Netflix

Sheehan also addressed the #MeToo movement and revealed he’s felt ‘sexually objectified’ by gay men before.

‘One thing I’ve said to men who start arguing is,’ he started. ‘I’ve been sexually objectified before by gay men in bars or whatever – in the toilets – where they take a long look at your cock and they give you a pervie smile. It feels awful.

‘Imagine that feeling most weeks. And then see if you have compassion for women,’ he said.

Umbrella Academy

Robert Sheehan stars alongside Ellen Page in Netflix’s superhero series Umbrella Academy.

Based on the Dark Horse comic, the series tells the story of children born to women who weren’t pregnant the day before they gave birth.

A billionaire adopts some them and trains them to save the world. When he dies, however, the kids set out to find the truth and, well, save the world.

Gerard Way (lead singer of My Chemical Romance) wrote the original graphic novel, with Gabriel Bá illustrating.

Way is also co-executive producing the series, which was written by Jeremy Slater.

Page plays the only child without superpowers. Mary J Blige also stars in the show as someone ‘super evil’, based on the promotional character posters.

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