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Robin Windsor: I would love a same-sex pairing on Strictly Come Dancing

Robin Windsor: I would love a same-sex pairing on Strictly Come Dancing

Gay Strictly Come Dancing Star Robin Windsor has said he would love the BBC show to feature a same-sex pairing.

But he doesn’t think it will happen any time soon because Britain is not yet ready.

That hasn’t stopped him starting his own scheme to get a new generation of gays and lesbians couples into ballroom.

His same-sex ballroom classes will see him dance with his boyfriend – X Factor star Marcus Collins – for the first time.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Windsor said he would like to see same-sex pairings on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, where he is one of the professional dancers.

‘I think it would be a great thing to happen. But I don’t think the same-sex world of ballroom dancing has established itself enough yet.

‘I have made the suggestion we could try it out on one of the specials. I do think it is something which will be considered in the future, once it has become a bit more well known.

‘The general public will take a bit of time to get used to seeing it. I think it will possibly happen in the future. A lot of people will love to see it happen but we have to go with the majority and the majority is not quite there yet.’

He also praised ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent for featuring gay dancers.

But he said seeing same-sex pairings was nothing new to him or to ballroom.

‘You don’t have to be gay to dance with the same sex. I grew up in the world of ballroom and many, many, many all female couples danced together because there were never enough men to grow around.

‘We always had all-female competitions for that reason. So seeing two women dancing together I am quite accustomed to. Two men dancing is more rare.’

About his own same-sex ballroom classes he said: ‘I have met a lot of gay people and couples who wanted to do something different in the evening and when I suggested a dance class they said they feel a bit strange going to a dance class with their boyfriends. So that’s how the idea came about.

‘It is open to anybody. You don’t need to be a same-sex couple to come and join in. It’s about a bit of fun.’

The idea also sidesteps the tradition that men have to lead and women follow in ballroom.

‘In history the man has always been the dominant one. But I don’t see, especially today, that it needs to be like that,’ Windsor said.

‘If I put two men or two women together to dance I tend to choose the taller one to lead and it does need a little more strength.

‘Or, if they are a couple, in my class it will be whoever wears the trousers in their relationship,’ he joked.

On that basis, people attending the class will get to see who wears the trousers in his relationship as he has promised to dance with Collins.

GSN asked Windsor if the singer was a talented ballroom dancer too.

‘I know everyone thinks we are cha-cha-cha-ing around the kitchen but we aren’t. He’s never done it before. So we are about to find out [if he’s any good].’

And why hasn’t he taught him before?

‘It will be like a family member teaching you how to drive. I would love to learn how to sing but I think if either of us tried to teach the other something, I think it wouldn’t end well. So we are just going to give it a go.’

Same Sex Ballroom for Beginners starts at Wilton’s Music Hall in London E1 starts on 13 April, tickets cost £30 including a donation to the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. Call +44 (0)20 7702 2789.

If the event is a success, Windsor wants to take it to other UK cities.