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Rocketman banned in Samoa over gay scenes

Rocketman banned in Samoa over gay scenes

Rocketman will not be screened in cinemas in Samoa after the country’s chief censor declared the depiction of homosexuality ‘not good for public viewing.’

Samoa is a nation in Oceania, located between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Sodomy and ‘keeping place of resort for homosexual acts’ are crimes in the country, and punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Rocketman, which focuses on the life of openly gay singer Elton John, features several sex scenes. They also feature the Bodyguard star Richard Madden, who plays Elton’s on-off lover and ex-manager John Reid.

‘Not good for public viewing’

The film features too many scenes ‘not good for public viewing’, Samoa’s Principal censor Leiataua Niuapu Faaui was quoted as saying by the Samoa Observer.

The censor furthermore added: ‘It’s a good story, in that it’s about an individual trying to move on in life.’

Gay sex scenes and drug use have already been censored from the movie in Russia.

‘Love is love’ says Rocketman star Taron Egerton. ‘No compromises’

Taron responded to the latter news on Instagram, writing: ‘I am crestfallen that the decision was made to censor our movie for the Russian market.

‘I’m even more disappointed to hear about it second-hand today on the day of our domestic release.’

He furthermore added: ‘I in no way condone this decision and feel disappointed that I wasn’t made aware and given the chance to fight [for] this movie.’

He finally ended the post with: ‘Love is love. No compromises.’

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