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Rocketman’s Bryce Dallas Howard names LGBTI star who should get next biopic

Rocketman’s Bryce Dallas Howard names LGBTI star who should get next biopic

Bryce Howard Dallas at last night's Rocketman premier in London | Photo: GSN

Bryce Dallas Howard has come out as an Ani DiFranco stan!

The actress, who stars in the new Elton John biopic as the singer’s emotionally abusive mother Sheila, named the Both Hands signer as the next LGBTI star who should get the silver screen treatment.

Jurassic World actress Bryce enthused about Ani to GSN at the Rocketman premier in London’s Leicester Square last night.

‘Which LGBTI icon should next get a biopic? Oh my god, that is a really good question – Ani DiFranco!’ she replied without missing a beat.

Ani, known for songs such as 32 Flavors and Untouchable Face, came out as bisexual in her 20s. She released her self-titled debut album in 1990, and won the 2004 Best Recording Package Grammy for her album Evolve.

‘Or George Michael…’ Bryce furthermore added. ‘There are so many people who deserve to have their stories told.

‘Elton’s behind it – it’s not someone else interpreting what he went through’

Bryce – who named I’m Still Standing as ‘for sure’ her favorite Elton song – continued: ‘The thing that’s so remarkable about this, is Elton is behind it. It’s not someone else interpreting what he went through. It’s him sharing his journey with us. More of that please!’

Director Dexter Fletcher of course last year depicted bisexual icon and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody, after stepping in to replace Bryan Singer.

Speaking to GSN on Rocketman’s blue carpet, Dexter agreed that Freedom singer George would be a great subject for a film. ‘George! George would be amazing! That’s be great!’ he said.

Rocketman hits UK cinemas on 22 May and US cinemas on 31 May.

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