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A rocky road ahead for lesbian couple on Grey’s Anatomy

A rocky road ahead for lesbian couple on Grey’s Anatomy

The characters of Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) have endured a car crash, a hospital shooting, career tensions and Callie getting pregnant during one of their break ups.

This popular lesbian couple on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy – known to fans as Calzona – has survived all of that only to be faced with a new crisis: Arizona’s leg being amputated after a plane crash.

‘There’s a lot of brushing things under a rug and putting on a happy face,’ Ramirez tells Huffington Post. ‘I see a lot of band-aids, but I don’t know if these two are really going to talk about what really needs to be talked about. A lot has happened – they’ve been through a lot. Arizona was there for Callie when Callie was in a coma, so I don’t know that Callie’s going anywhere anytime soon. I think she feels like she’s gonna stick with this and be there for her wife.’

But it’s not going to be easy with Arizona pushing her wife away.

‘Arizona’s very much about figuring this out by herself. And when someone wants to get through something like this on their own, without their partner’s help, there’s not a lot of space for their partner to play a part in that,’ Ramirez says.

‘Her situation at home, it’s not something that she knows a lot about,’ she adds. ‘She doesn’t know how to support and nurture an amputee, especially one that doesn’t want her help.’