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Rodrigo Alves documents latest plastic surgery in Iran

Rodrigo Alves documents latest plastic surgery in Iran

Rodrigo Alves | Photo: Instagram/rodrigoalvesuk

Rodrigo Alves has shared details of his latest plastic surgery in Iran, where same-sex sex is illegal, on social media.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said of the face reduction procedure, taking place in the capital, Tehran ‘the biggest surgery of my life.’

It is the Celebrity Big Brother star’s 63rd plastic surgery overall.

Rodrigo also shared a large selection of photos of the surgery to his Instagram, where he has 766k followers.

He also shared a video of his visit, which contained the plastic surgery company’s brand name.

‘I am having a nose job using cartilage from my ribs’

He furthermore said in the interview: ‘Then I rest for three days. After that I am having a nose job using cartilage from my ribs.’

He also said: ‘I am having a break from singing lessons and recording my pop song – which will be out soon – in order to have a face revamp.’

Known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ for his love of plastic surgery, the star will also have a cheek lift, liposuction under his neck and jaw and a chin implant replacement while in the country.

Upon arrival last week, he said on social: ‘Thank you to everyone in Iran for such a warm and kind welcome.’

He then thanked the plastic surgery company ‘for organising my trip and all my surgeries in the up coming days. New year! New face!’

Same-sex sex is illegal in Iran under the Islamic Penal Code It is punishable by up to death, although this is rarely enforced.

Rodrigo has previously described himself as ‘asexual’, however, last year he was ejected from the Celebrity Big Brother house for using racist language to describe men he finds sexually desirable.

Talking to The Only Way is Essex’s Dan Osbourne, Alves said: ‘Look at this – he’s not my type anyway.’

Bad Girls Club’s Natalie Nunn responded: ‘So what is it then? Whose type is it?’

Alves responded: ‘I like, like, a [n-word] boy. Do you know what I mean? He’s too white for my sake.’

‘One day when I’m older I may have a sex change’

Rodrigo has also spoken of the possibility of transitioning gender in the future.

Again speaking to the Daily Mail, he said in 2017: ‘One day when I’m older I may have a sex change and became a Barbie.’

He furthermore added: ‘I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man’.

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