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Romania delays decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage

Romania delays decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage

A petition to ban gay marriage has been signed nearly 3 million times referendum

Romania has delayed its decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Constitutional Court was asked whether to recognize a same-sex couple, married in the United States, as married in Romania. Doing so would legalize same-sex marriage across the country.

The court’s president, Valer Dordeanu, said the judges need more time and more information and asked the couple involved to come in front of the Court once againt o argue their case.

‘This case brings forward a new and complex topic for the Romanian society,’ Dorneanu said.

Vlad Viski, the president of Romanian LGBTI rights organization MozaiQ, told Gay Star News: ‘Postponing the decision concerning gay marriage in Romania, the Court is prolonging injustice towards the LGBTI community.

‘However, having fought for equal rights for many years, LGBT people can be patient, as long as they know their voices are being heard.

‘Moreover, this shows that the Constitutional judges are looking at the case for gay marriage extremely carefully, understanding the implications for the state of democracy in Romania.

‘Human rights and protection of minorities are fundamental principles in any democracy.’

Legal experts predicted Romania’s Constitutional Court would reject same-sex marriage completely, so this adjournment could give human rights organizations the chance to have the positive outcome of LGBTI rights heard in public.

It comes as the Orthodox Church have been campaigning on a constitutional ban of same-sex marriage, with 3 million people – 15% of the entire population – signing the petition to define unions as between one man and one woman.