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Romania government votes to change definition of family in order to ban same-sex marriage

Romania government votes to change definition of family in order to ban same-sex marriage

A petition to ban gay marriage has been signed nearly 3 million times referendum

Romania’s government has voted to ban same-sex marriage.

The Chamber of Deputies adopted a citizen’s initiative that would aim to change the definition of family in the Constitution.

Introduced by the anti-gay Coalition for Family, the petition with the Church’s help was signed by over three million people in a population of 20 million.

They demand the constitution should be changed to state ‘the family is founded on the freely consented marriage between a man and a woman, their equality and the right and duty of parents to ensure the upbringing, education and instruction of children.’

At the moment, the Constitution says a family is a free-willed marriage ‘between spouses’. Changing the definition would make same-sex marriage impossible in Romania.

The Chamber of Deputies voted for the initiative, with 232 votes in favor, 22 against and 13 abstentions.

It’s not all lost yet

But it is not all lost yet. The proposal to revise the constitution must be adopted by the Senate with a majority of at least two thirds.

A referendum must also be held within 30 days, with a minimum of almost five million people voting to change the law.

Vlad Viski, president of Romania’s LGBTI group MozaiQ, told Gay Star News people feel ‘powerless’ and ‘angered’.

‘The hopes politicians will do the right thing was shattered yesterday,’ he said.

‘In a shameful vote to approve the initiative to change the Romanian Constitution and ban gay marriage, political parties proved their commitment to European values varies based on local interests and pressures from the Orthodox Church and the American-sponsored neo-protestant groups.’

Viski said he is expecting a large crowd at Bucharest Pride on 20 May to protest against the government’s actions.