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Romney endorses anti-gay right-wing extremist for Congress

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed Steve King, who believes all gays should be closeted

Romney endorses anti-gay right-wing extremist for Congress

US Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has endorsed an anti-gay right-wing extremist politician for Congress.

Speaking at a rally in one of the most conservative counties in Iowa on Friday (7 September), he said: ‘I’m looking here at Steve King. He needs to be your congressman again. I want him as my partner in Washington!’

King has come under fire for his far right-wing social views, such as believing all gays should be closeted, questioning whether women can get pregnant from rape, and comparing immigrants to dogs.

As reported by Reuters, within the hour, Obama’s spokeswoman Lis Smith released a statement slamming the endorsement.

She said: ‘And, if [Romney’s] speech today praising Rep. Steven King – who has questioned whether women get pregnant from rape and incest and said hateful things about immigrants – is any indication, we know he wouldn’t stand up to the most strident voices in his party.

‘Bringing back the failed policies that crashed the economy and pandering to the most extreme voices in his party isn’t a recipe for strength and it won’t move us forward. ‘

The endorsement came after King reassured the crowd Romney could be trusted as president.

‘Don’t doubt this man’s faith,’ King said. ‘Don’t doubt his conviction. Do not doubt his patriotism or his faith, and his love for Jesus Christ, our Savior.’

In an interview with certified hate group Family Research Council, King has said all gay people should be closeted so they are not discriminated against at work.

He said: ‘If you don’t project it, if you don’t advertise it, how would anyone know to discriminate against you?

‘And that’s at the basis of this. So if people wear their sexuality on their sleeve and then they want to bring litigation against someone that they would point their finger at and say, you discriminate.

‘This is the homosexual lobby taking it out on the rest of society and they are demanding affirmation for their lifestyle, that’s at the bottom of this.’

Liberal satirist and political pundit Stephen Colbert responded to King on his late night TV program.

He said: ‘Hear that, gays? It’s up to you to keep us from discriminating. Because once we know you’re gay I have a natural desire to fire you.

‘And, unlike gay, discriminating is not a choice.’

King is facing a tough race against Democrat Christie Vilsack, whose husband Tom used to be the Governor of Iowa.

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