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Ronald Reagan thought his son was gay because he liked ballet

Former Republican president's son quit Yale University to pursue a dance career

Ronald Reagan thought his son was gay because he liked ballet

Ronald Reagan was apparently worried his son was gay because he liked ballet.

The former Republican president, who was in office from 1981 to 1989, had allegedly called up friends in order to discuss his concerns about his son.

Reagan’s son Ron quit Yale University in 1976 in order to pursue a dancing career.

Christopher Buckley, the novelist son of William F Buckley, was discussing his father relationship with the president in a Q&A with playwright John Guare.

‘My father and Reagan were close, and my dad had always acted as a kind of godfather to the Reagan children, so Reagan called up my dad and expressed to him his worry that this meant that his son played for the other team,’ Buckley said.

‘My dad ventured the opinion that all people in the arts might not be gay, but there wasn’t much he could really say about this, and, of course, we now know Ron’s not gay.’

Reagan’s son is not gay, but the two certainly had their differences. Ron has liberal views, is an atheist and is very critical of other Republican presidents like George W Bush.

It is also believed Ron’s parents only went to go see him dance once, when he performed at the Met.

He married Doria Palmieri, a clinical psychologist, in 1980.

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