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Rose McGowan’s heard more LGBTI MeToo stories ‘than the media would ever cover’

Rose McGowan’s heard more LGBTI MeToo stories ‘than the media would ever cover’

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has talked about the impact of MeToo movement among LGBTIs, saying she’s ‘humbled’ when community members share their stories with her.

Speaking at Damian Barr’s Literary Salon in London last month, the activist said she’d heard more stories ‘than the media would ever cover’, particularly from gay men and boys.

The former Charmed actress became a figurehead for the MeToo movement, which fights against sexual abuse and assault, after becoming one of the most high profile accusers of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein last year.

Asked by GSN at the event: ‘Would you like to see the the MeToo movement reverberate deeper among the LGBTI community and specifically gay men?’ Rose gave a detailed and thoughtful response.

‘‘Society is only really as sick as its secrets’

‘I’ve met, this last year – it’s been the most humbling and amazing experience – so many men and boys, trans women and trans men, everybody under the sun, women and girls, talking about their MeToo movement,’ she said.

Rose McGowan and Damian Barr | Photo: Supplied

‘Which, if any of them have ever said anything out loud, then they’re as equal to an activist as me. I’ve been humbled to hear so many more experiences from a lot of boys in the gay community. I’m so humbled when they share their stories with me. It’s more than the media will ever cover.’

‘I wish I could take a chip out of my head and show you guys there’s so much beautiful support. And support for themselves too. Because so many of us get hurt. And then we turn around, or we become silently complicit with other people hurting.

‘Society is only really as sick as its secrets. It’s not that I want gay men to do more [to help female victims]. I want humans to do more. It’s all of us. Our lives are at stake.’

Rose McGowan and Damian Barr | Photo: Supplied

Rose – who is a relationship with non-binary model Rain Dove – also opened up about her memoir Brave at the event, including the experiences of being homeless as a teen.

‘My first boyfriend wore more make up than I did’

‘I was lucky,’ she explains. ‘Within the first month I was taken in by two amazing trans women and a stripper named Tina.

‘I got taken to Tina’s apartment in a town called Portland, Oregon. I proceeded to get dressed up like Charlie Chaplin and go dancing on gay night-club stages and run the nights. That’s what I did for that year. The queer community was my sanctuary. These were my people, these were my haven.

‘My first boyfriend had a long skirt, long hair. I had short hair. He wore more make up than I did.’

Rose has repeatedly defended herself against accusation of transphobia after a verbal row with a trans woman in Barnes and Noble in New York City in January.

Shortly afterwards, she told trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston on her podcast SHOOK: ‘The people who call me TERF [trans-exclusionary radical feminist], […] hurt me so deeply.’

Rose furthermore added ‘It’s not working out so well, going into the micro-detail of what we are.’ She also revealed she underwent five days of trauma therapy after the incident.

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