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Roy Moore blames 'transgendered and homosexual groups' for his suspension as Alabama Chief Justice

State Supreme Court has just upheld his suspension

Roy Moore blames 'transgendered and homosexual groups' for his suspension as Alabama Chief Justice
Photo: Right Wing Watch
Roy Moore was first removed as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice in 2003 then suspended last year.

The Alabama Supreme Court this week upheld the suspension from the bench of anti-gay Chief Justice Roy Moore.

At a new conference, Moore blamed ‘certain transgendered and homosexual groups’ among others for a ‘politically motivated prosecution.’

Even though he lost his appeal, Moore retains the title of chief justice for technical reasons and told supporters: ‘Their efforts have failed. Today, I remain chief justice of Alabama Supreme Court.’

But in name only.

Last September, the nine-member Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ) unanimously voted in favor of the suspension of Moore who had directed probate judges to disregard federal orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The COJ cited the judge’s ‘disregard for binding federal law’ and ‘his history with this court.’

In his appeal, Moore had claimed the COJ exceeded its authority when it suspended him for the rest of his term.

‘I consider the sentence to be illegal and a clear disregard for the will of the people who elected me to office of chief justice,’ Moore said.

In 2003 Moore was removed from office by the COJ after putting a large statue of the Ten Commandments in the state judicial building in Montgomery. He was told to take it down but, after refusing, was removed from office.

He was later elected back into office.

But history cannot repeat itself because Moore is 69 and state law prohibits anyone age 70 or older to run for election or re-election to a judicial seat.

‘I have done my duty under the laws of this state to uphold the sanctity of marriage stand and the undeniable truth that God ordained marriage as the union of one and one woman,” Moore said.

He also said he would announce his future plans early next week.

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