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Roy Moore thinks marriage equality ruling is ‘worse’ than pro-slavery ruling

Roy Moore thinks marriage equality ruling is ‘worse’ than pro-slavery ruling

Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate

Roy Moore, the former judge who recently won the Republican Senate runoff in Alabama, made baffling comments about marriage equality, calling it worse than a pro-slavery court decision.

He made the comments in a 2016 Here I Stand podcast interview, unearthed by Talking Points Memo.

In the podcast, he compares the 1857 Dred Scott decision, which upheld slavery, to 2015’s Obergefell decision, legalizing same-sex marriage.

‘In 1857 the United States Supreme Court did rule that black people were property. Of course that contradicted the Constitution, and it took a civil war to overturn it,’ he says, almost casually.

The Dred Scott decision denied citizenship to African Americans and found the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional. That compromise admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state. The court’s decision was a catalyst for the Civil War.

‘But this ruling in Obergefell is even worse in a sense because it forces not only people to recognize marriage other than the institution ordained of God and recognized by nearly every state in the union,’ he continues.

‘It says that you now must do away with the definition of marriage and make it between two persons of the same gender.’

He outlined his issues with Obergefell as creating a right ‘that does not exist under the Constitution’ as well as compelling ‘Christians to give up their religious freedom and liberty’.

The dangers of Moore

Moore’s comments are nothing new.

He made the same comparison in a 2015 CNN interview. Plus, he was suspended as Alabama Chief Justice last year, partly for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

The real danger comes from the 12 December Senate special election.

Moore is facing off against Democrat Doug Jones for attorney general Jeff Sessions’ seat. For the first time in a long time, Democrats have hope in the red state thanks to Moore’s controversial report card. However, it’s impossible to say until the election is over but this is a crucial seat up for grabs.