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Ruby Rose confirms Batwoman picked up for a full season by CW

Ruby Rose confirms Batwoman picked up for a full season by CW


Australian actress and model Ruby Rose confirmed the CW network picked up her Batwoman TV series for a full season.

CW picked up the series for 2019 – 2020 TV season.

Rose plays the titular character based on the DC Comics comics of the same name. The TV incarnation of Batwoman will be openly LGBTI. It makes her the first queer superhero to lead a TV or film series.

Rose’s Batwoman first appeared CW Network’s show Elseworlds on 9 December, a crossover TV event featuring characters from Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl

The Aussie actress who shot to fame on Orange Is The New Black, announced the series was picked up on Instagram where she also shared a 20-second teaser of the show.

‘I suddenly woke at 4am… and came to discover Batwoman is coming to the CW in Fall!!!’ she wrote on her Instagram story.

‘I can’t thank everyone involved enough, and will not attempt to, until I properly wake up.’


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Rose described playing the queer Batwoman as a ‘win’ for the LGBTI community.

In an interview with Australia’s TV Week magazine, she said: ‘It fulfils my life mantra of, “Be the person you needed when you were young.”’

‘I can’t speak on behalf of everyone in the LGBTIQ community, but I know any win for anyone in our community is a win for all.’

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