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Ruby Rose criticized for donating to LGBTI center in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Ruby Rose criticized for donating to LGBTI center in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Ruby Rose donated $10k to organization to help flood victims

On Monday, Jack Antonoff of the Bleachers tweeted he’s matching up to $10k of donations to The Montrose Center to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The community center set up a disaster relief fund over the weekend to help LGBTI victims (and beyond) of the severe flooding in Houston.

Actor and model Ruby Rose then quote re-tweeted Antonoff saying she’s going to eat a banana and match the $10k donation. (The banana bit is a reference to Antonoff eating a banana at the VMAs.)

She took a screenshot of this and also posted it to Instagram.

Unfortunately, what should be an action met with nothing but gratitude and applause, was derided and criticized.

Comments started flowing in slamming Rose for her donation as ‘showing off’ and only helping one group of people.

Rose shared a selection of the comments with a sentiment of her own: ‘All Love.. I suggest instead of attacking me just donate what you can to the organization you feel is ‘right’. Even 1 dollar helps.’

Here’s a few examples of the comments:

‘Typical celebrity.’

‘So you are only willing to help out gay people suffering from the floods in Houston?!?! You are a disgusting human being.’

A little while later, Rose tweeted out a statement responding to the criticism she received, prefacing: ‘I don’t agree with the wording and personal attacks but I do understand those unaware of what an LGBT center represents and how it works.’

Rose further explains in her statement that the Montrose Center doesn’t limit their help to LGBTI individuals.

‘Unfortunately many other organizations have in the past denied entry to people based on the above,’ she continues. ‘However I am extremely proud to hear how Texans have joined forces in such a beautiful, heartwarming way.’

She mentions she also donated to an animal organization. However, she publicized this donation because it ‘was a unique situation as the benefit in creating awareness to the center outweighed the usual criticism’.

We certainly applaud the donation, compassion, and moment of education.