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Ruby Rose faces backlash for tweets sent after Paris terrorist attacks

Ruby Rose faces backlash for tweets sent after Paris terrorist attacks

Orange is the New Black-star Ruby Rose's fans didn't react kindly to her tweets about Lebanon and Syria.

Ruby Rose is facing backlash from her fans after posting tweets telling her fans to pray for the world.

Following the terror attacks in Paris yesterday evening (13 November), in which at least 127 people died, as well as attacks in Lebanon and Syria, the Orange is the New Black star took to her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Joining thousands of people expressing their support for the victims and condemning the attacks, she asked her followers to pray not just for Paris but for the whole world.

‘Let’s be honest… Pray for humanity. What is happening in the world,’ she wrote.

‘Today has been devastating. #Lebanon, #paris, #syria and everywhere under attack right now.

‘This is not a blanket post this is a post for today’s horrific news which spans many countries.’

But the compassionate post didn’t go down well with all of her fans; many urged her to delete the image. Others confronted the star about her post, comparing it to the all lives matter-hashtag created in response to the black lives matter-movement and saying they expected her to be more respectful. ‘Of course someone had to do it, we can’t go through anything without some moron,’ edgeofglory wrote. Another user, going by the name of xqueentroianx, told Rose to ‘stop erasing what happened… acknowledge the terror attacks as the tragedies they are’. Rose was quick to defend her postings, saying her post was ‘not taking away from Paris’ but was about the other incidents that happened on the same day. She later also posted the phone numbers of numerous embassies in Paris, as well as a quote from President Obama’s speech in which he said: ‘This is not just an attack on Paris, not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity.’ ‘Literally what I said and stand by earlier,’ Rose captioned her Instagram post. ‘Yet [I] receive hate and horrible comments.’

Literally what I said and stand by earlier. Yet receive hate and horrible comments. A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on