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Ruby Tandoh opens up about her bisexuality in new interview

Ruby Tandoh opens up about her bisexuality in new interview

Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh had discussed her bisexuality in a new interview, while also revealing she wants children with her fiancee.

The Great British Bake Off star was speaking to The Times when she touched on the subjects.

Talking about Ruby’s new book Eat Up!, interviewer Andrew Billen says: ‘Tandoh writes that she could be “openly, vulnerably queer” only after coming to terms with food. How did that work?’

‘[She answers] “I think I denied myself food and I denied myself meaningful relationships for a long time. It all just kind of tumbled together, you know?”’

Cookery expert Ruby was a finalist on the 2013 series of Great British Bake Off, becoming one of the show’s most memorable contestants. She has spoken openly of her experiences of eating disorders in the past.


The cooking expert furthermore added: ”Yeah [I’ve had boyfriends]. I mean, I’m bisexual. I’d had boyfriends and done that and I knew that there was another side to myself that I wanted to understand and explore.

‘So I went on a couple of dates and then I met Leah very quickly and I was lucky.’

Ruby is now engaged to Alimony Hustle band member Leah Pritchard. The pair who met on Tinder are hoping to have children in the future.

‘I was very unhappy and nervous at that time’

Ruby also discusses her problematic history with the food in the piece. In it, the writer notes: ‘At 18 [Ruby] was admitted to a mental-health ward when three years of weird eating culminated in a suicide attempt.’

They furthermore discuss the concept or orthorexia – an obsession with healthy eating.

‘For me it wasn’t strictly orthorexia, I don’t think,’ says Ruby. ‘I was very unhappy and nervous at that time in my life anyway. It was just a manifestation of all the worries I had about everything, all of the self-hatred I was throwing at myself, and not wanting to nourish myself.’