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Rugby player, 18, films inspiring coming out video

Thomas Boswell feared he would never play sport again after coming out as gay to his teammates

Rugby player, 18, films inspiring coming out video

An 18-year-old Welsh rugby player has filmed an inspirational coming out video.

At the beginning of the 12 minute clip, Thomas ‘Bozzy’ Bosworth recalls how he feared how his family and friends would react to his sexuality.

The captain of his rugby team in Quaker Yards, Wales, Bosworth says: ‘I hated myself, I hated myself for what I was.

‘It was really hard to come to terms with my sexuality and the thoughts that go through your mind that you’re disappointing people and how your life is going to change.

‘I thought, I’m going to lose all my friends. I thought I was never going to play sports again.’

When Bosworth realized he could not cope with being closeted any longer, he sent a letter to his mother.

After a semi-final rugby match and his team had lost, Bosworth ran into the changing rooms to check his phone and found a text from his mom. She said: ‘Tom, I’m so proud of you and I love you.’

Then Bosworth decided to turn to the 2012 way of coming out, and wrote a status on his Facebook.

He said: ‘To clear all the gossip up and shit that has been going around about me. Yes I am gay and I would never choose this and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.’

Over 300 friends liked the post, and it was inundated with supportive comments.

One from his teammate said: ‘None of us are going to look or think of you any different if you are gay.

‘We all still love you anyway. Don’t even think it’s going to be awkward cause it won’t!

‘Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday in training. We all love you bro xxxxxxxxxxx’

Check out the video here:

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