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Runaways star Ariela Barer comes out on Twitter

Runaways star Ariela Barer comes out on Twitter

Actress and musician, Ariela Barer

Ariela Barer, who stars in Marvel’s Runaways series, has come out as queer on social media.

Barer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have always hinted at her sexual orientation, with references to LGBTI culture:

Then, on 24 December, Audiostraddle published a piece about Barer’s sexual orientation. Barer thanked the author of that article on Twitter:

While it’s not clear if Barer identifies as gay or bisexual, it seems she’s definitely part of the LGBTI community!

Barer plays Gertrude in Runaways, a purple-haired girl with glasses and a passion for social justice. She also stars in Netflix sitcom One Day At A Time.

Barer, a Mexican-American Jew, has been acting professionally since age nine. She is also part of indie rock band, The Love-Inns.