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RuPaul: ‘Bugs Bunny was my first introduction to drag!’

RuPaul: ‘Bugs Bunny was my first introduction to drag!’

Bugs Bunny's moments in drag inspired RuPaul

It turns out RuPaul has Bugs Bunny to thank for it all.

‘Bugs Bunny was my first introduction to drag!’ the Emmy nominated host of RuPaul’s Drag Race tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The flippant, insouciant cartoon character is best known for delivering his trademark line ‘What’s up Doc?’ while chomping on a carrot. He was also known to occasionally wear female clothing if it fit his needs.

RuPaul, now 55, says his sister has told him that as young as four years old he ‘would run around the house in her dress and things like that.’

‘As a kid I always dressed in everything,’ he says. ‘I would use all the tools available as a human to express myself. No sexual connotation to it. It was just stuff.’

But the most famous drag queen in the world, who is gay, points out that he has never had issues with gender identity.

‘Transsexual is, in fact, kind of the complete opposite,’ RuPaul says. ‘Drag queens are saying, “Identity? Ha!” Transsexuals are saying, “Identity is very serious to me and I need you to understand what my identity is.”‘

He adds: ‘For me, it was never about being a woman at all. It was always about “f-you” to society. In a male-dominated culture, this is the greatest taboo you can do. This is the thing that boys are not supposed to in a male-dominated culture.

‘It was something that I stumbled onto that I realized I could do really well and make a lot of money at it.’