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RuPaul fights back after death threats are sent to Drag Race queen

RuPaul fights back after death threats are sent to Drag Race queen

RuPaul has sent a stern message to fans who have sent death threats and racist messages to the third queen to leave Drag Race.

Jasmine Masters, who sashayed away in ‘Shakesqueer’, is the target of numerous hateful messages online.

Masters, who’s real name is Martell Robinson, has been called the ‘N’ word, told to ‘fuck off and die’, and ‘I’m gonna hunt you down you ugly cunt’.

This is just one message that has been sent to him following his elimination from the drag queen competition show:

Jasmine Masters 1

And here is another, who had a change of heart after they got a response.

Jasmine Masters 2

On Twitter, Masters responded to the illegal death threats and racist comments.

‘I have many young nieces and nephews 2 cousins and I’m trying to make the world better as much as possible so the things I went through they wouldn’t. And now I feel like all my hard work was for nothing. And I’m just tired of it tired of it all,’ he said.

‘I’ve been called all me life so that’s not my problem nor its hurting me. What hurts the most is all the racist comments. Which I am not. I have just about every race in my family. And to read what other people of another race say to me makes me wounder for the first time is this how others sees me.

‘And think I should kill myself or they want to kill me hang me or what ever else they have told me to do. NOT GOING TO DO.’

He added: ‘I do thank you all for the luv and support and for standing up for me. Which I never get that from many people. So I wish you all the best in the world.’

The hatred has been enough for RuPaul to step in.