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RuPaul tells how gay icon (and televangelist) Tammy Faye taught him what ‘innocence’ is

RuPaul tells how gay icon (and televangelist) Tammy Faye taught him what ‘innocence’ is

'Focus on people’s innocence rather than their guilt.'

Mama RuPaul has shared some key life advice – and she got it from an unusual place, the TV evangelist Tammy Faye Messner.

In a recent interview with Next magazine the RuPaul’s Drag Race star said she learned how to see the good in people from the chirpy evangelical minister.

‘Tammy Faye appeared in a dream of mine where she told me, “Ru, focus on people’s innocence rather than their guilt,”‘ which is absolutely beautiful.

‘That’s what she got from her life as a Christian, that we focus on the good in people.

‘Some people see Pollyanna (a children’s character, notable for being extremely optimistic) as being ignorant and being not able to understand the complexities of life.

‘But like Tammy Faye, Pollyanna is an ascended master. She understood the complexities of life. She understood both sides, the dark and the light. But she made a conscious decision to focus on the light which is really an elevated place to be.

‘It’s not to say that the dark is good or bad. It’s just that the darkness will bring you pain.

‘If you want pain that’s fine, no judgment. That’s your thing.

‘But if you want joy, if you really want joy – you will focus on the light. You will focus on a person’s innocence and that is what I think of when I think of Tammy Faye.’

The two shared a long-running friendship until Messner died of cancer in 2007.

Despite her history as an evangelical minister and televangelist with husband Jim Bakker, whom she divorced in 1992, she attended gay Pride events and was a vocal advocate for the community during the AIDS crisis.

She is sometimes called the ‘ultimate drag queen’ for her brash but benevolent personality.

In an interview with Larry King she said: ‘When I lost everything, it was the gay people that came to my rescue, and I will always love them for that.’ She died the following day, and her then husband said it was her way of saying goodbye.

RuPaul explains how he implements her advice in his everyday life. ‘It manifests itself in my ability to persevere and to maintain a career, to look at life as a beautiful gift. I have all of the aspects of this world. I have the darkness. But I have to constantly cultivate the light. I have to constantly work on conjuring up enthusiasm.

‘Some days are better than others, I’ll tell you that much,’ she quips.