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RuPaul wipes all of his social media accounts and nobody knows why

RuPaul wipes all of his social media accounts and nobody knows why

  • ‘So..... RuPaul sashayed away for good, huh?’

RuPaul has completely wiped his Instagram account of all posts and deleted his Twitter account entirely – but fans don’t know why.

The Drag Race host has 4.2million followers on Instagram but the account currently shows he has no posts. Likewise, his Twitter account, which previously had 1million followers, has totally disappeared.

Nevertheless, fans have come up with all sorts of theories as to why the accounts have disappeared.

Some suspect the 59-year-old star may be the victim of a hack. Others think he’s building towards a major launch or announcement.

But other theories are far more inventive.

Teej, @PomoAfroHomo, tweeted: ‘Good evening. “RuPaul” was a 59-year sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.’

Already missing in action over Black Lives Matter

RuPaul has not been highly active on social media for some time. In particular, some fans have been disappointed he wasn’t more outspoken during the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Twitter user @BostonGayBoy suggested Rupaul deactivated his Twitter and Instagram ‘so she doesn’t have to say #BlackLivesMatter’.

Critics have suggested he should have particularly stood up for black trans people. It reignited the debate about his reluctance to have trans queens on Drag Race.

Meanwhile Instagram user, Redherring, joked RuPaul couldn’t cope with people criticizing him about being involved in fracking. Earlier this year, it emerged he and his husband Georges LeBar had sold drilling rights on their huge ranch.

Redherring posted: ‘Are you fracking kidding me? Must be due to all those drilling comments. I gas oil just be quiet now.’

However others have a different explanation altogether. They pointed out that Drag Race veteran Kameron Michaels also emptied his Instagram and Twitter accounts at almost exactly the same time.

Michaels is the host of the new Canadian version of Drag Race. Fans suggest the pair acted together – perhaps as a publicity stunt.