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Rupert Everett is ‘over’ sex

Rupert Everett is ‘over’ sex

Actor Rupert Everett, who has chronicled his adventurous sex life in two memoirs, has said in an interview that he’s not interested in it anymore.

‘Sex has passed me by,’ said Everett to the Observer’s Victoria Coren.

‘It’s over! I’ve spent most of my adult life, since the age of 10, thinking almost exclusively about sex, and getting it, or recovering from it. But it’s all smoke and mirrors to me now.’

In his first memoir, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, Everett described working as a rent boy after he ran away from school when he was 16.

In his second, Vanished Years (out in paperback in the UK this week) he says he was exceptionally lucky not to contract HIV in the 1980s.

The 53-year-old said in the interview that he’s not celibate and has a long-term boyfriend, but that he’s not motivated by sex any more.

‘I used to be motivated by it purely,’ said Everett. ‘I think that happens to a man; it’s part of a midlife crisis. But it’s been quite nice, in a way, because I do lots of other things instead. Since it stopped, that major driving force, I’ve felt much calmer.’

Everett said the end of his sex-obsession has meant he can focus more on work, and his best work in acting and writing has been the result. He is nominated for an Oliver Award for his performance as Oscar Wilde in The Judas Kiss, and will find out if he has won at the ceremony on Sunday (28 April).