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Russia’s anti-gay laws should come to Australia, says PM’s sister

Russia’s anti-gay laws should come to Australia, says PM’s sister

The sister of Australia’s Prime Minister wants Russia’s anti-gay laws in her home country.

Just returning from a visit to Russia, 62-year-old Loree Rudd has expressed her desire for the Australian governent to implement laws that would ‘protect’ children from exposure to homosexuality.

Early last month, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a law that in effect makes homosexuality illegal. The promotion of gay events in Russia is now punishable with fines and imprisonment, gay tourists risk imprisonment if found to be ‘overly gay’, and foreign gay couples are banned from adopting Russian babies.

‘It’s like he [Putin] can see the problem ahead,’ said Ms Rudd.

‘I think that there should be a law [in Australia] protecting children from the propaganda of homosexuality as normal. They’re trying to build their family life and structure in Russia and people in the West don’t seem to understand our family life and structures are breaking down.’

‘I guess the bottom line, if there’s one thing I can say that can’t be challenged, it’s that society needs to protect its children as best they can.’

Ms Rudd, whose brother Kevin Rudd is leading Australia’s Labour party in general elections this November, also said she will not help her bother on election day because of his pro-gay marriage views. ‘I don’t think I will do anything on election day,’ she said. 

According to Australia’s News Limited Network, Ms Rudd, who has described gay rights lobby groups as ‘the gay Gestapo’, continues to defend her anti-gay marriage views.

‘My view [on homosexuality] I can say with complete honesty has always been the same. I even dated one once, not knowing he was homosexual.’

The Prime Minister, whose support for gay marriage seems to be helping the Labour party secure a majority in the upcoming elections, released a statement saying he ‘respects the views of other people, including his sister’. Rudd was not in favor of gay marriage until he changed his position earlier this year.