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Russia author of anti-gay law wants Moscow ‘Gay Olympics’ banned

Russia author of anti-gay law wants Moscow ‘Gay Olympics’ banned

A Russian lawmaker who sponsored the federal gay propaganda law wants Moscow’s ‘Gay Olympics’ banned.

Vitaly Milonov has urged Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to ban the LGBT Sports Games that is being planned to be held shortly after the Sochi Winter Games.

The lawmaker has become a central figure in the battle on gay rights in Russia after he authored the original ‘gay propaganda’ bill in St Petersburg before it became federal law.

He has said organizers are discriminating against ‘normal athletes’ who could be interested in participating in the competition.

If they wish to only accept LGBT athletes, then they must recognize they are in need of additional medical support, as reported by Gay Russia.

That is, if they wish to hold a LGBT-only sporting contest, then they must admit they are disabled.

Speaking to RBC, Milonov said he would like the contest banned but if it has to go on it must take place behind ‘closed doors’.

‘If it takes place in public, it will become a nightmare,’ he said.

Around 180 athletes are expected to attend the LGBT Sports Games, affectionately called the ‘Gay Olympics’.

Sports include basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, swimming and skiing.

Viktor Romanov, the chairman of Russian LGBT Sport Federation, said while the event is in direct response to Vladimir Putin’s homophobic laws – it will not break them.

‘The law does not cover us because we are not doing propaganda of homosexuality, but propaganda of sport and a healthy lifestyle,’ Romanov said, as reported by the Associated Foreign Press.

‘We aren’t breaking the law.’

The group plans to hold the Russian Open Games in Moscow from 26 February to 2 March, three days after the Olympic Games end in Sochi.