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Russia finds Lady Gaga guilty of ‘harming’ children with pro-gay speech

Russia finds Lady Gaga guilty of ‘harming’ children with pro-gay speech

Russia has fined the organizers of a Lady Gaga concert because she ‘harmed’ children with a pro-gay speech.

A magistrate’s court in St Petersburg yesterday (14 November) fined Planet Plus 20,000 rubles ($614, €455).

During the gigs in St Petersburg and Moscow on 9 and 12 December 2012, the US singer dared Russia to arrest her and made a speech about the bravery of LGBTs in the face of anti-gay laws.

‘I can’t even really believe that you’re all here because when they first called me they were like, “We want you to go to Russia but we might have some problems because of all the gay propaganda in your show”,’ she said.

‘Thank you, Moscow, for spreading the message of equality around the world. Thank you for spreading the message of Born This Way.’

Later, to screams of support, she said: ‘So stand up for yourself, or stand up for your friends. Where’s all my gay kids tonight?

‘Tonight, this is my house, Russia. You can be gay in my house. And if you ever need me Moscow, I will just be a telephone call away.’

Hundreds of complaints were made about the shows, saying Gaga had violated Russia’s laws.

In the court case, a mother of a 13-year-old girl had said she was ‘shocked’ by the singer’s antics.

She said if Gaga had been planning on saying those words, then the tickets should have been restricted to people aged 18 and over.

Children as young as 12 were allowed to attend the show.

While the company escaped with a relatively small fine, the concert organizers are still appealing the court decision.

‘We are just doing our job,’ Planet Plus CEO Eugene Finkelstein said.

Earlier this year, co-author of the federal gay propaganda bill Vitaly Milonov attempted to open a criminal case against Gaga.

GSN has reached out to Gaga’s representatives, but she has yet to respond to the case.